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Experts Review of Asics Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoes 2022

    The Asics Gel Kayano 25 model is one of our favorites amongst high cushioning stability running options so we are going to help you find a real verdict on this newest edition.


    Asics Gel Kayano 25 Review


    Its upper comes equipped with a Jacquard mesh FluidFit upper. Well, this is not anything really new when you compare it with its previous model. We would say the upper does a solid job across the board, the upper feels structured and reinforced while still being breathable and not having an unnecessary amount of overlays. There is really nothing too fancy or bad about the upper, it does the job.


    The fit was accommodating around the midfoot and it seemed that the toe box has widened up a bit. We noticed that we had more space in the shoe than in previous Asics models. The heel area was very stable and gave ample support.

    When your foot is in the shoe, you feel the sense of security that we also liked except the shoe did not have an excessive amount of padding inside the shoe.

    Sometimes companies try to make the shoe too comfortable and they kind of overdo it. The heel counter goes to the shoe a very locked-in fit, the upper is comfortable and breathable and there is no rubbing or irritation. it was about what we would expect.

    Gel Technology

    The mix of technology in the Kayano 20 combines a few things. First, we have the gel technology which provides that classic Asics feel for those who tend to land more on their heel the padding in the heel we have you covered.

    The gel also provides a soft landing coming off transition near the forefoot combining the gel with flight foam. The shoe has a sense of responsibility, not a lot but enough to not just be a soft comfortable shoe.


    The midsole density in the medial side of the shoe provides a bit firmer feel which helps support those who want a bit more guidance in their foot strike.

    For those who feel that their ankles tend to roll inward too much or want a shoe that will accommodate for a flatter foot type, this may be an option worth trying.

    Abrasion Rubber Outsole

    Now the Gel Kayano 25 shoe also uses Asics high abrasion rubber which seems to hold up well and also provides some extra shock absorption while running.

    Ventilation System

    The ventilation is actually pretty good much better than what we are expecting in it fared well during the hot summer days. Its ventilation system helps you to wear the shoe for several hours without sweating your foot.


    The biggest worry that we had was the weight. On paper and feel like this shoe is going to be a tank and although the shoe is considered lightweight by any means. The weight of the shoe did not feel that bad. It weighs 336g for men and 278g for women.


    • Highly cushioned yet stable shoe
    • Improved fit and breathable upper
    • Built for wearing for long hours
    • Beautiful hand made shoes for more stability and durability


    • Not light by any means and could shed some weight
    • Is it that much better than previous models?

    Overall Value: Asics GEL Kayano 25 Shoes

    Asics combines a few of the technologies to provide even more guidance support with their guidance trusted the system. During the transition, the shoe feels very in control and stable. This is the most flexible shoe out there but it still feels good to run in so the Kayano 25 is about everything that we expected. It was a solid all-around stability shoe.

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