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7 Best Lacrosse Gloves Reviews In 2022 – Buying Guide

    If you are looking for a pair of the best lacrosse gloves, you have to consider different characteristics mainly what you are looking at is the amount of protection, the materials used in construction, the experience level of the player, who is wearing the gloves, and what will be the price of the glove itself. This might be time-consuming so in order to remove this headache, we have compiled a list of the top 7 lacrosse gloves currently available on the market in 2022. Let’s have a quick overview of each glove.

    best lacrosse gloves

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    Best Lacrosse Gloves 2022

    Brand/ModelColorEditor's RatingPrice
    Warrior RegulatorBlack/White, Grey/White4..8See Price
    STX Cell 100Green, Black, White4.6See Price
    Warrior RabilBlack4.5See Price
    Maverik C2Black, White4.3See Price
    Warrior BurnBlack, White, Navy Blue4.0See Price
    Brine ClutchMaroon, Yellow, Royal3.9See Price
    Under Armour SpectreBlack/White3.6See Price

    1. Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves

    Warrior Regulator Lite Lacrosse Gloves

    The Regulator lite is one of the best Warrior lacrosse gloves. This is the great value price point that has dual-density foam to provide you with a lot of flexibility in the hands. Its ventilation system gives you the protection you need in high-pressure games. The Warrior regulator lite lacrosse gloves are ideal for high school, and college players and even at the youth level. We have reinforced the palm so it should last up to an entire season at least but again this is a great value one of the most valuable gloves in the marketplace.

    2. STX Cell 100 Youth Lacrosse Gloves

    STX Cell 100 Youth Lacrosse Gloves

    The STX cell 100 glove is entry-level protective gear designed after the cell freeze which gives it that sharp look. It features a lightweight and durable foam for a comfortable fit and also a polyester exterior for more durable long-lasting performance. This also has a mesh pump for increased airflow and a drawstring for a secure fit. Now the STX cell 100 lacrosse gloves are going to be a great option for your entry-level youth and recreational player. They are available from a 6-inch all the way up to a 13-inch size.

    3. Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Gloves

    Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Glove

    The new Warrior Rabil glove has outstanding flexibility in this glove. It was designed to have great protection without limiting the flexibility in the glove. This glove has a flex cuff new design never been designed before. As you cradle, it gives you a 75% extension of your wrist. Again no one else in the industry has a risk good like this so it gives you a lot of flexibility and with the D30 foam in the gloves, you get tremendous protection in the hands.

    4. Maverik C2 Lacrosse Gloves

    Maverik C2 Lacrosse Gloves

    The Mavericks C2 gloves are made of a dual-density foam that is going to be able to withstand harder checks. They are going to be a great option for an intermediate player looking to upgrade gloves. The C2 gloves use multiple breaks and the fingers and Knuckles to increase mobility. It has a vent at the top of the hand to disperse heat. There is a mesh pawn for increased airflow and feels like a floating risk for increased risk protection as well as a three-piece cuff for increased wrist movement.

    5. Warrior Burn Gloves

    The Warrior Burn glove features a warrior’s patented true vent technology which allows air to pass directly through the material to maximize dilation. The burn glove is designed with a high number of breaks in the foam to increase flexibility. Its switch cup allows you to interchange the cuff color and design and also have Warrior’s Nash textured palm to increase comfort and grip. The Warrior burn glove is going to be a great option for intermediate to advanced players and has a great price point.

    6. Brine Clutch Lacrosse Gloves

    The new Clutch glove from Brian is a custom option for every player that is available in seven different stock colors as well as customizable. With this glove, you will have a lot of breaks which makes the glove very flexible. Want to wrap your hand? You will have the true vents and the patented brag floating cuff. It has a nice lightweight durable palm. This is a great glove for the high school player, the college player really any level can benefit from using the clutch glove.

    7. Under Armour Spectre Glove

    Under Armour Spectre Glove

    The specter lacrosse gloves feature Under Armour’s revolutionary molded skin technology which means the back of the hands and fingers are made up of one piece of material. It helps reduce weight and improves the flexibility of gloves. The dual-density foam is also used to ensure great protection while still maintaining the specter’s lightweight. These gloves also feature Under Armour’s heat airliner technology which easily moves moisture away from your skin while playing. Their ultra-thin palm design provides a great feel and grip on your stick.

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