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11 Best Lacrosse Helmets Review 2022 | Top Players’ Choice

    Finding the best lacrosse helmets is easier than you might think. The following are some tips that can help you find the perfect helmet for your needs. Before purchasing a lacrosse helmet, consider your specific needs and preferences. The materials used to create the helmet must be lightweight and force-absorbing. It should also have an effective liner system that dissipates impact and offers a clear vision. While comfort and performance are equally important, a lacrosse game should also be fun, so you should consider these factors when buying a lacrosse helmet.

    Best Lacrosse Helmets Review

    1. Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade CPV-R Boys Lacrosse Helmet

    This lacrosse helmet is featuring a full-face mask and an EPP lining to provide elite-level protection. It has four sizes and is available in two colors. Regardless of the size of your player, this is an excellent choice. You can expect your player to feel protected and comfortable while wearing this helmet. The CPV-R is one of the most durable and comfortable helmets on the market today.

    2. Hummingbird V2 Girls Lacrosse Helmet

    Hummingbird V2 Girls Lacrosse Helmet

    The Hummingbird V2 lacrosse helmet is perfect for young female lacrosse players. Its ergonomic padding and 18 separate vents maximize airflow while protecting the head from the impact of a ball. In addition, this helmet is designed to keep the player’s hair and face cool while protecting their eyes and face. Available in two colors black and white.

    3. Warrior Burn Jr Lacrosse Helmet

    Warrior Burn Jr Lacrosse Helmet

    Magnificent lacrosse helmet that’s particularly built for adults and is backed with a heat-absorbing foam liner for matchless comfort and performance. Moreover, the expanded polypropylene liner helps protect the head and neck from impact. It has a simple to use velcro adjustment system for the right fit. This model meets or exceeds the requirements of standards set by the lacrosse federation for safety.

    4. STX Rival White Lacrosse Helmet

    STX Rival White Lacrosse Helmet

    This helmet boasts improved breathability and added interior padding. Its unique air system offers an adjustable fit and integrated ventilation that helps keep players cool. Additionally, it has a fitted comfort liner and premium cushioning System. The Rival will provide years of reliable performance and will be the perfect addition to your lacrosse team’s equipment.

    5. Schutt Stallion 650 Varsity Helmet With Facemask

    Schutt Stallion 650 Varsity Helmet With Facemask

    The Stallion 650 is one of the best-selling varsity lacrosse helmets on the market and is reasonably priced. Its patented D3O technology and TPU padding provide advanced protection, and its adjustable jaw pads provide a comfortable fit without sacrificing protection. Its lightweight design, as well as its adjustable airliner, help to protect the player’s head from impact while maintaining clear vision.

    6. Cascade XRS Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade XRS Helmet

    A nice helmet that uses advanced ventilation systems and a 360-degree fit. This system helps to eliminate hot air and offers a full peripheral vision. The XRS features a tri-linear design that combines three-liner technologies. It also has two-fold ventilation to keep players cool and comfortable. The full field of view and 9.6 million color combinations give players maximum protection.

    7. Warrior Evo Matte Lacrosse Helmet

    Warrior Evo Matte Lacrosse Helmet

    It’s another one of the most popular choices for lacrosse players. This lightweight helmet is made of durable and force-absorbing materials. It features an effective liner system that absorbs impact and provides clear vision. The helmet’s fit and feel are important factors in choosing the right one. In addition to performance, comfort is also an important factor, and that is what it offers to you!

    8. Cascade CLH2 Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade CLH2 Lacrosse Helmet

    The CLH2 helmet is one of the most affordable options available in the market. Its modern design incorporates a 13-vent HOPE shell with a free-flow cooling system. The helmet also features a facemask with EPP foam and a 13-panel visor to provide maximum visibility. Officially certified by NOCSAE and meets and exceeds the requirements of the NFHS and international sports standards.

    9. STX Stallion 600 Lacrosse Helmet

    STX Stallion 600 Helmet

    This compact lacrosse helmet features a dual-density foam liner that helps reduce the weight of the helmet. The lining is made of D30 technology, which hardens on impact. Its chin strap is adjustable, so the player can easily adjust it to their desired fit. The polycarbonate shell is lightweight, strong, and stylish. Moreover, The EPS foam liner provides optimal protection.

    10. Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet

    It’s an ideal helmet for junior and intermediate players that provides exceptional frontal-impact protection. Its lightweight design and full pivoting system allow you to adjust the fit to your liking. The CS-R is perfect for players aged 12 and under and features a full-pivot system and memory foam side-fit technology. The patented FlexFit® adjustment system allows you to fit the helmet to your child with ease and comfort.

    11. CAS Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet With Black Mask

    CAS Cascade S Helmet With Black Mask

    We have the new CAS-Cascade S lacrosse helmet that has been optimized for comfort and performance. Its chinstrap is angled to allow easy adjustment and allows for a 360o fit that accommodates a wider range of head shapes and sizes. The ventilation system allows hot air to escape while keeping cool air in. Lastly, the XRS visor is adjustable for a wide range of head shapes and sizes.

    Lacrosse Helmet Parts

    A lacrosse helmet is designed with various components to protect the player. The main shell and interior padding protect the head and face from impacts. Other parts of the helmet include the visor, face mask, chin strap, and chin strap adjusters. The right helmet will also be lightweight and easy to wear, which will increase the player’s comfort.

    Tilting In Lacrosse Helmets

    There are several different levels of helmet tilt, but most lacrosse players wear a medium tilt. This position blocks out the sun to protect the chin and allow players to see through the bars. A high-tilt helmet will restrict a player’s field of vision. To avoid this problem, players should wear a helmet that is higher than the middle. To find out the best tilt for you, consider your size and weight.

    Sizing/Fitting A Lacrosse Helmet

    The first step to lacrosse helmet fitting is to measure your head. Do not forget to check the chin strap, which should follow your jawline when buckled. The mouthpiece should be open and you should be able to speak comfortably. The chin strap should fit snugly but not too tightly. Also, you should not have difficulty opening and closing your mouth while wearing the helmet. The correct sizing is vital to ensure that the player is safe and has a good fit.

    The second step is to make sure that the helmet fits well. It should fit snugly but not so loosely that it makes your head feel squished. Moreover, it should allow you to see well. If you are unable to see clearly with the helmet, you should buy a different one. You should also check the vents and the back of the helmet to make sure that they aren’t too tight or too loose.

    Lacrosse Helmet Size Chart

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