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8 Best Lacrosse Visors And Eye Shields For Helmets Review 2022

    Are you searching for the best lacrosse visors for your helmets and still have not found a perfect one? Don’t go anywhere! In this buying guide, we have compiled a list of top helmet eye shields currently available on the market. Each one is durable, affordable, and built for long-lasting performance. Most of them naturally fit any type of lacrosse helmet so go ahead buy anyone with full confidence.

    Best Lacrosse Visors And Eye Shields

    1. Barnett Tinted Lacrosse Eye-Shield Visor

    Barnett Tinted Lacrosse Eye-Shield Visor

    The tinted lacrosse eyeshield is equipped with a two-clip mechanism that makes it simple to put on and take off. It protects against ultraviolet rays and avoids distracting glare.

    High school and youth leagues may utilize the visor since it is designed to accommodate both youth and adult helmets. For further durability and a snug fit, the lens is scratch and fog-resistant. It also includes an anti-fog and scratch coating to help keep the lens clear of fog.

    2. O1 NOVA Lacrosse Helmet Visor

    O1 NOVA Helmet Shield

    This visor is intended to fit the Cascade lacrosse helmet and has a shatterproof optically correct lens with CHROMA HDR Technology. It’s available in two sizes. The lens has a 200-degree spherical shape, which delivers exceptional clarity and durability. Its anti-fog coating helps to keep your vision crystal clear while also providing great ultraviolet protection.

    The cage clip is a simple piece of hardware that may be easily replaced. Through the use of sophisticated CHROMA HDR technology, the visor provides the best degree of performance possible under the most demanding of situations. It features a high-definition reflecting lens for enhanced clarity.

    3. EliteTek LAX Lacrosse Visor Eye Shield

    EliteTek LAX Lacrosse Visor Eye Shield

    The EliteTek visors are specifically made for the sport of lacrosse and come in a variety of colors. Wearing them is permitted due to the fact that they are composed of shatterproof polycarbonate lens material. Their design ensures that the user’s whole field of view is protected without being obstructed in any way.

    Additionally, it is completely free of UV and glare. The quality of the visors is guaranteed by the firm, which is situated in the United States. They also provide a money-back guarantee for any customers who are dissatisfied with their merchandise.

    4. Barnett Chrome Lacrosse Eye Shield

    Barnett Chrome Lacrosse Visor

    Designed to shield your eyes from dangerous UV rays and fog. This chrome lacrosse helmet visor is lightweight and made of high-quality material so quite compact and is easy to wear.

    Its fog-proof coating ensures clarity and helps to regulate the intensity of light. Moreover, the anti-scratch coating reduces brightness and protects against ultraviolet radiation. It also has the additional benefit of reducing wind resistance.

    5. SHOC 3.0 Thunder Lacrosse Visor

    SHOC 3.0 Thunder Visor

    It’s the ideal accessory for the adult lacrosse player who prefers a more casual look. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate construction with an anti-fog coating ensures that your vision remains clear in all lighting circumstances with this visor.

    The device is also scratch-resistant, and it has an easy-to-transport soft travel case. In a nutshell, this is one of the most effective lacrosse visors now available.

    6. Barnett Revo Green Lacrosse Visor

    Barnett Revo Green Lacrosse Visor

    This helmet protection visor has been a top seller among lacrosse players for many years. It’s made of 100% polyester. All levels of play are allowed for this protective eyewear, which has been approved by the CIF and Youth Leagues.

    Its UV and anti-fog coatings prevent glare and let you manage the amount of light coming through. It is also designed to suit any helmet, and the two-clip connection method makes it simple to put on and take off your helmet.

    7. Vision 01 Frost Lacrosse Helmet

    Vision 01 Frost Helmet FaceShield

    Featuring a shatterproof optically correct lens and CHROMA HDR Technology, the Lacrosse eye shield is a sturdy protective eye shield that can withstand repeated use. With the VISION System, you can rapidly swap out your lenses, and it is legal for use at all levels of competition.

    A special anti-fog coating is applied to this protective cover, which helps to keep the lens crystal clear. Its cage clip makes it simple to swap out the hardware on the bike.

    8. O1 VOID Lacrosse Helmet Visor

    O1 VOID Lacrosse Helmet Visor

    The O1 VOID Lacrosse visor, created by Seven Technologies, is equipped with a tri-linear system that protects against varying forces. This innovative design has three interchangeable jaw pads as well as an integrated Supermono (TM) S shell to offer maximum rigidity and performance in a variety of situations and conditions. In addition, the VISION System comes with a 12-month warranty. For further information, please see their website.

    Choosing The Right Lacrosse Helmet Visors

    • It needs to be compatible with the helmet that you want to buy, among other things.
    • A set of installation instructions should be supplied with the product, if not already present.
    • It should be tight enough to suit your lacrosse head.
    • If your head is narrower than the visor’s opening, you need to purchase a larger-sized visor to accommodate it. If you have a big head, on the other hand, smaller size is recommended.
    • It ought to be large enough to completely cover your face.
    • A visor should be used to keep your eyes away from the playing field.
    • It should be comfortable to wear and should not fog up quickly.
    • It should be free of creases and seams.
    • A compatibility table should be used when purchasing a visor, even if the visor seems to be universal in design.
    • It should also be placed far enough away from your face so that you do not get any glare.


    After determining the number of features and functions you need from a visor, it’s time to wrap up our review and we wish you the best to have a perfect lacrosse eye shield to meet your game requirements. Again, several lacrosse visors use polycarbonate, which is a lightweight material with shock-absorbing properties. This lightweight material protects you from UV rays and gives you excellent visibility. Also, these visors feature stickers to match your uniform.