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5 Best Skateboard Bearing Press Review

    Maintaining the alignment and accuracy of your skateboard’s wheels is made easier with the use of a skateboard bearing press. This tool is shaped like a little rectangle with a hook at the end of its handle. It’s used to insert wheels and bearings into a hole that has a shield on the exterior to protect the components.

    If you are wandering to have this useful machine always ready to keep maintaining your skateboard wheels, you have come to the right place. We have summed up the top 10 bearing press for skateboards that you can use for longboards and roller skates as well. All of these are well designed, nicely made, and reasonably priced!

    Best Skateboard Bearing Press

    1. Bont Skates 8mm Aluminum Bearing Press

    Bont Skates 8mm Aluminum Bearing Press

    This is a versatile tool that may be used to replace worn-out bearings on a skateboard or inline skate wheels. This device, which is designed to suit the 8-mm aluminum hub, is simple to use and makes the procedure of replacing the bearings quick and hassle-free. It’s also compatible with inline skate wheels measuring 125mm in diameter. Crafted using a high-quality 6061 aluminum and steel and is compatible with any brand of roller skate wheel available today.

    2. Sure-Grip Skateboard Bearing Press

    Sure-Grip Skateboard Bearing Machine

    This is a must-have accessory for every skater. Simple to use and makes removing bearings a breeze. It’s possible to add or remove bearings with the same amount of effort thanks to a patented design. The gadget is small enough to be carried in a skate bag and can be installed on a workbench for convenient access to all of its features. It makes swapping out the wheels on your skateboard a fast and simple procedure.

    3. Amphetamine Longboard Bearing Macine

    Amphetamine Skateboard Bearing Press

    You can easily install and remove your skateboard bearings with the help of this handy tool. This unique equipment is intended to make the process of installing and removing skateboard wheels as simple as possible for the user. It comes with an 8-mm axle and may be used with any skateboard or longboard wheel you can think of. This tool can be used with skateboards of various shapes and sizes.

    4. PowerDyne Skateboard Bearing Puller

    PowerDyne Press and Puller

    When it comes to changing wheel bearings, the PowerDyne Bearing Press and Puller is an excellent tool. In addition to having a long pin that points down, it also has a handle that points up. It should be used with the outer wheel pointing up and the handle facing downward. The long pin should be inserted into the bearing’s opening and then pushed out of the bearing. If it becomes stuck, you may use this bearing puller to pull it out with a little effort.

    5. Owlsome Skate Wheels Bearing Press

    Owlsome Skate Wheels Press

    Another great tool for everyone who wishes to keep their skateboard wheels in good condition. This compact small machine is constructed of high-quality aluminum and is ideal for skateboard wheels with diameters of 7 and 8 mm. In addition to being supplied with Allen wrenches, this unit may be fixed on a block of wood or bench. It’s simple to use and will assist you in maintaining the functionality of your wheel for the long run.

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