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Best Slowpitch Softball Bats Reviews In 2022 – Top 10 Picks!

    Best Slowpitch Softball Bats 2022 – If you love to play a softball game, first you need to find a good bat. The key to finding a good bat is getting the perfect size and weight that will give you control and you will be able to make contact with the ball while swinging for the fences.

    If the bat is too heavy, you will be hitting plenty of foul balls. If it is too light, you can forget about hitting home runs. So pick a size to fit your strength, hitting style, and experience.

    To minimize the headache of finding the slowpitch softball, we have compiled a list of the best slowpitch softballs that are being used by professional players and are the best available options on the market in 2022. They all are eligible for play in most of the leagues.

    There is also a sizing chart given at the end of this article that can help you to select the right bat with the right size and weight.

    best slowpitch softball bats

    Top 10 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

    Brand/ModelLength (Inches)Weight (oz)Our RatingPrice
    Miken Psycho Maxload34, 34. 34, 3425, 26, 27, 284.7See Price
    Worth Mayhem WHEMAL34, 3428, 304.6See Price
    Louisville Slugger Super Z-100034, 34. 3426, 27, 284.4See Price
    DeMarini Nautalai - WTDXNAU34, 34. 34, 3425, 26, 27, 284.3See Price
    Mizuno Crush - SP19CRUSH34, 34. 3426, 27, 284.1See Price
    Easton Fire Flex SP19FFGD34, 34. 3426, 27, 284.0See Price
    Worth EST Comp - W12XLA34. 34, 3426, 27, 283.8See Price
    Brett Bros. GB532, 33, 3426, 27, 283.8See Price
    Anderson Ambush34, 34. 3426, 27, 283.7See Price
    Dudley Lightning Legend34, 34. 34, 3426, 27, 28, 293.6See Price

    1. Miken Psycho Maxload (MP1PCU) SlowPitch Softball Bat

    Miken Psycho Maxload SlowPitch Softball Bat

    The new 2022 Miken Psycho is an in-loaded USSSA-approved slowpitch softball bat as you can see at the base of the barrel, there is a stamp certification of approval for play at any USA baseball league.

    This is a one-piece composite bat so you will get that traditional stiffness on contact but it is still a little bit smoother as a result of those carbon fibers.

    We would recommend breaking them in about 150-200 swings before those microfibers are fully set up. As result, you will get the peak performance necessary for your play.

    The Miken Psycho slowpitch softball bat has a fourteen-inch barrel and has got a maximum sweet spot so you will have a great chance of making quality contacts no matter where you hit the ball.

    So we think this would be a perfect bat for a power hitter looking to get that stiffness on contact with that half-ounce in load for more force behind the ball to allow it to carry to the fence or potentially beyond.

    Features: Miken Psycho Maxload Slowpitch Softball Bat

    • It comes with a 14-inch barrel
    • Like other bats on our list, It also has 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter
    • It features a black and orange texture that adds to the beauty of the bat
    • Its one-piece design offers great performance and increases the comfort level
    • Its handle grip offers good grip to the hands for ultimate power shots
    • The Miken is offering a 1-year limited warranty on this bat
    • Made in the USA

    2. Worth Mayhem Alloy Single Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat

    Worth Mayhem Slowpitch Softball Bat

    The new Worth Mayhem is a single wall one-piece slow pitch softball bat that is actually approved for both ASA and USSSA. It is a rarity in the field of bats so this bat will be allowed in any of those leagues.

    Its one-piece alloyed construction is going to be extremely stiff upon contact so you will cover to drive through the ball. As a result, it will make a louder acoustic noise on contact a little bit more of that ping noise as opposed to the thud that composite typically provides.

    Furthermore, this Worth Mayhem bat comes with a real crisp-looking professional look that features black, bright pink and blue highlighting accent colors as well. Its bright pink bat grip allows you to really stand out from the competition. People are going to know when you are at play.

    This is a perfect pickup bat for a recreational league so with that, you will be able to trade it down the line. Each player is going to be able to utilize it very well. It has got a high aerospace-grade alloy in place that makes it insanely durable and eligible for use amongst tons of different hitters.

    Features: Worth Mayhem Alloy Slowpitch Softball Bat

    • It has 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter
    • The barrel length of this bat is 13.50 inches
    • It is approved for play for almost all major leagues such as ASA, USSSA, ISA, and others
    • It features a one-piece design
    • It has a well-balanced swing weight for great durability
    • Made in the USA
    • Bagged with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

    3. Louisville Slugger Super Z-1000 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    Louisville Slugger Super Z-1000 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    This is the new Louisville Slugger Super (WTLSZU19E) in-loaded slowpitch softball bat. It has got a 2 ¼” inch barrel diameter and it is one of the best that is available on the market.

    For an in-loaded power swing, one of the new things Louisville Sluggers now incorporating is the pyramid grip. It is a kind of flared knob and a wood bat for better comfort and more control and leverage throughout the zone.

    The grip is removable so if you are not interested in that, you can just take rubber bands right off otherwise keep them on start leveraging the power, and driving balls to the fence.

    Furthermore, this bat has in loaded swing weight so it is going to allow you to get a little bit more mass behind the ball allowing you to start generating a little bit more power on contact and again start stretching those fences.

    Features: Louisville Slugger Super Z-1000 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    • It has a 2 1/4 barrel diameter
    • Its 8-inch long handle offers the great capability of a bat holding to a player
    • It is approved for play in most of the leagues in the USA
    • It features blue and light blue color textures for a beautiful look
    • It features easy to remove pyramid grip taper
    • It has a balanced weight to equally transfer energy and boost up the performance
    • It also comes with 12-month limited warranty by the manufacturer

    4. DeMarini Nautalai (WTDXNAU) USSSA SlowPitch Bat

    DeMarini Nautalai (WTDXNAU) USSSA SlowPitch Bat

    The DeMarini Nautalai slow-pitch softball bat is approved for USSSA, NSA, and ISA play as you can see by those stamps of approval at the base in the barrel.

    Its barrel is going to be a composite microfiber material. The handle, however, is going to be an alloy material the reason why they do this is that the alloy handle provides additional stiffness on contact.

    It allows you to drive a little bit better through the ball in which power hitter’s team to be very advantageous in contact.

    Now the composite barrel you will want to break it in about 100-200 swings of contact before its microfiber is fully set and then you will start to see the high levels of performance on contact.

    This DeMarini softball bat fat uses a continuous fiber barrel wall that prevents dead spots and provides a very consistent feel on contact.

    Features: DeMarini Nautalai Balanced USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    • It has a mid-loaded barrel that is actually going to be a little bit more of the weight taking place towards the mid to the bottom part of the barrel allowing that balanced swing weight to come to full fruition
    • This bat is incorporating a lighter more consistent option for players
    • The DeMarini Nautalai WTDXNAU bat is featuring silver and orange color texture
    • Its ZnX alloy handle offers more stiffness and consistency in performance
    • This bat is designed and resembled in the USA
    • It is backed by 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

    5. Mizuno Crush End Loaded Slowpitch Softball Bat

    Mizuno Crush End Loaded SlowPitch Bat

    The Mizuno is a well-known brand that deals in sports equipment and this slowpitch softball is the prime example of their core product line.

    The Mizuno Crush end-loaded bat is also approved by USSSA so players are allowed to use it in all major leagues within the USA. This is going to be a two-piece composite model utilizing 100% black onyx carbon.

    As this is an unloaded bat so it is going to provide an excellent option to power hitters out there looking to get the highest form of results on contact.

    It has got a connection point from those two pieces from the barrel to the handle. This connection point is utilizing link technology to reduce the overall vibrations on contact and provide you with the most comfortable experience at the play.

    Features: Mizuno Crush End Loaded (SP19CRUSH) Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    • It has a 2 1/4 barrel diameter
    • The bat is having a 12-inch long barrel for better performance
    • It has an orange and black colored texture
    • The new Mizuno LINK technology helps reduce the vibrations while hitting the ball
    • It is featuring a micro-whip grip to make bat handling easy and comfortable
    • Its 12-month warranty by the manufacturer makes the purchase decision easier

    6. Easton Fire Flex Gold Slowpitch Softball Bat

    Easton Fire Flex Gold Slowpitch Bat

    The Easton Fire Flex gold is a USSSA-approved slowpitch softball bat. Its weight is distributed throughout the profile giving you more control over the bat through the zone so this is a well-balanced model of the Easton baseball bat.

    This bat is typically going to be utilized by more of a contact hitter because there is not as much weight in the barrel to get a little bit more Drive on the ball.

    So if you are someone that likes to test the fences or explore the land on the other side, you might want to go with an in-loaded version of this model.

    The balanced model has a 14-inch composite barrel and a composite handle for ease of grip over the bat. We would recommend about 150 swings on this bat before it’s game ready.

    Features: Easton Fire Flex Gold Slowpitch Softball Bat

    • It has a 14-inch barrel length
    • It has a 2 1/4 barrel diameter
    • Its barrel is made of composite carbon material that helps in reducing the vibrations and increases performance
    • It is stamped and approved by the official baseball authority so it can be used in any league play at any level
    • It is featuring 2 piece design to achieve more durability
    • The manufacturer is offering 12-months limited warranty

    7. Worth EST COMP ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    Worth EST COMP ASA Slow Pitch Bat

    The Worth Est Comp XL is a composite softball bat that is approved by ASA and only allowed in ASA play. It has a 12.5-inch long barrel and it is going to be end-loaded in its swing weight so as you swing it, you will feel more of that weight at the end of the bat.

    The purpose of this is to get more force behind the ball on contact and allow you to drive pitches further as a result. It will be a multi peaceful composite bat so, with this model, we would recommend getting about 150 to 200 swings on it before you are going to take it out into a game.

    This will allow the microfibers to fully break in on the bat and allow it to hit peak pinnacle performance before you start utilizing it when games start to matter.

    It gives you a chance to be noticed with its beautiful two-piece construction along with a neon green bat grip in place to allow people to take notice that you are at the play and you mean business.

    Features: Worth EST COMP 12.5″ XL ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    • It has a 2 1/4 barrel diameter
    • The barrel is fully constructed with high-quality carbon fibers for great durability
    • It features an ultra-thin handle that uses flex 50 technology to reduce the number of vibrations on contact and also makes it comfortable to hold the bat
    • The combination of silver, red and green color textures makes it more charming
    • It is designed and made in the USA
    • The manufacturer is offering a 12-month limited warranty on this model of Worth slowpitch bat

    8. Brett Bros. GB5 Superlight Wood Softball Bat

    Brett Bros. GB5 Superlight Wood Bat

    The new Brett Bros. GB5 is an extremely durable and super lightweight wood slowpitch softball bat as it utilizes a bamboo core and a maple exterior to be one of the most durable bats currently available on the market.

    With this bat, you will also have the patented beat BOA fiberglass reinforced handle to increase the overall strength of the bat.

    The barrel diameter is going to be 2 ¼” inches and this will be an excellent option for those players who are looking for a cold-weather bat and they will still perform at an extremely high level in warm weather as well.

    Features: GB5 Superlight Wood Slowpitch Softball Bat

    • The diameter of the barrel of GB5 bat is 2 ¼” inches
    • It performs very well in any weather
    • It is extremely lightweight so ideal option for adult players
    • It features a two-piece design
    • This bat is featuring black, pink, and yellow color textures for an amazing look
    • It offers great durability and performance with such a low price tag

    9. Anderson Ambush (SP18BUSH) Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    Anderson Ambush (SP18BUSH) Slow Pitch Bat

    The Anderson Ambush is a USSSA-approved slowpitch softball bat that is featuring a two-piece composite construction and utilizing a 14-inch length barrel so it increases your overall likelihood of making quality contacts at the bat.

    It is also going to utilize a multi-barrel wall design and a strengthened in-cap in place to help improve that overall barrel performance on contact.

    You will note that this is an ultralight swinging bat so it is very balanced. With that, you will have optimal control of the dish. It is approved for play in most of the famous leagues in the USA including ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA.

    Features: Anderson Ambush USSSA / ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    • It has a 14-inch long barrel for an ultimate playing experience
    • It has a two-piece design
    • Its multi-wall barrel prevents any damage to occur as a result of hard-hitting
    • Its ultra-thin whip handle allows you to hold the bat firmly
    • It is using a blend of black, yellow, and green colors to offer a very eye-catching look
    • It is completely designed and assembled in the USA
    • The manufacturer is offering a 1-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects

    10. Dudley Lightning Legend (LL13BSP) SlowPitch Softball Bat

    Dudley Lightning Legend SlowPitch Bat

    This Dudley lightning legend slowpitch softball bat is fully composite in its construction and utilizes a 13-inch barrel that helps increase the likelihood of you making quality contact.

    One thing you will need to keep in mind about this bat is that it is only approved for senior slowpitch softball leagues so you will need to double-check and make sure that it is going to be allowed in your league.

    This bat utilizes a light frame technology or LiFT which allows for better bat speed and improves overall contact on collision.

    With this bat, you are also going to receive a grip spin technology on the barrel. This is utilized to grab the ball and increase distance after contact.

    Features: Dudley Lightning Legend LiFT Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat

    • It has a 13-inch long barrel to achieve the maximum sweet spot
    • Like other bats, it also has a 2 1/4 barrel diameter
    • It is approved for play in most of the senior leagues like SSUSA, ISA, and others
    • It features a fully composite construction for increased durability and performance
    • The combination of white and lime green color texture increases the look of the bat
    • Its Lite Frame Technology helps in boosting up the speed of bat on contact

    Composite Vs Aluminum

    Composite bats can have larger sweet spots and perform better the more you play with them but they tend to cost more and might be illegal in some leagues. Aluminum bats are at their best right out of the wrapper and may decline in performance over time. They generally do not perform as well as composites in very cold weather.

    Slowpitch Softball Bat Sizing

    Typically softball bats have 2 ¼” inch barrels and range from 26-34 inches in length and are available in a variety of weights from 26-30 ounces. The relation between the length and weight of the bat is called the length-to-weight ratio or also called a (drop). For example, a 32-inch bat that weighs 22 ounces is a -10 drop. Have a look at the below-given sizing chart;

    Slowpitch Softball Bat Sizing Chart

    Popular Slowpitch Softball Bat Sizes

    Youth Baseball Bat Size - Populat Lengths


    These were the top 10 slowpitch softball bats in our opinion right now which are available online. Several leagues require a safety certification stamp-like ASI or USSSA so check with your league to see the specs. We also suggest you visit your nearby physical sports outlets and try different bat sizes and weights to find the best slowpitch softball bat for you. If you still have any concerns or suggestions regarding slowpitch softball bats, please write us in the comment section below, and we will reach you back as soon as possible.

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