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6 Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews In 2022 – Top Picks

    If you are looking for the best youth baseball bats, we welcome you to our website where you will find the top-quality baseball bats for youth and adults. We have compiled a list of the top 6 baseball bats available on the competitive market right away in 2022. We considered multiple factors to sum up this list including construction, material, build-for, performance, price, and other factors. Let’s have a look at a brief overview of each bat and try to find the right option for you.

    best youth baseball bats

    Top 6 Best Youth Baseball Bats 2022

    Brand/ModelSize (Inches)Weight (oz)RatingsPrice
    Rawlings Raptor27, 28, 29, 3017, 18, 19, 204.8See Price
    Easton Beast Hyperlite28, 29, 30, 31, 3216, 17, 18, 19, 204.6See Price
    Louisville Slugger Prime31, 32, 33, 3428, 29, 30, 314.3See Price
    Axe Avenge HyperWhip24, 25, 2613, 14, 154.1See Price
    Adidas AERO19CSL29, 30, 3119, 20, 214.0See Price
    SSK Maple JB927, 28, 29, 30, 3122, 23, 24, 25, 263.8See Price

    1. Rawlings Raptor -10 Youth Baseball Bat

    Rawlings Raptor 10 Youth Baseball Bat

    The Rawlings Raptor youth baseball bat has a standard two and quarter-inch barrel diameter. They dropped 10 lengths to weight ratio and that USA Baseball certification made this bat approver play in a Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth League, and pony.

    This is a one-piece alloy construction and it is made up of Rawlings durable performance alloy which is going to give you a hot out-of-the-wrapper performance with great durability.

    On one end, they have used a perimeter-weighted end cap which is going to reduce unneeded weight towards the end of the barrel to give you better balanced and faster bat speed.

    On the other end, they have pre-wrapped a custom battery which helps reduce shock to the hands that are typically associated with a one-piece back.

    2. Easton Beast X Hyperlite Youth Baseball Bat

    Easton Beast X Hyperlite Youth Baseball Bat


    The Easton Beast X Hyperlite comes with a lightweight -12 lengths to weight ratio, a 2 ¼” inch barrel diameter, and the brand-new USA Baseball certification stamp making this model of proofer play.

    The Beast X Hyperlite is a one-piece aluminum design and it is constructed out of Easton’s newly developed attack alloy which gives you the most consistent durable barrel that Easton has ever created on one end.

    They have a pre-wrapped handle with a 1.4 millimeter of hyper skin grit which helps reduce vibration to the hand that is typically associated with a one-piece bat on the other end inside of the barrel.

    Easton has also used internal core technology which is going to give you a massive sweet spot for additional plate coverage. It comes with the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty so buy it confidently.

    3. Louisville Slugger Prime 919 -10 Bat

    Louisville Slugger Prime Baseball Bat


    The Louisville Slugger prime 919 is a three-piece fully composite bat with a composite barrel a connection point and a composite handle. It also has a composite end cap in place and self-balance out the overall swing weight of the entire map profile.

    It has a two and three-quarter-inch barrel that is going to offer you one of the largest heating surfaces available to find that sweet spot and to start hitting line drives and even better potentially home runs.

    With the composite barrel, you will want to break it in about 150 to 200 swings on this bat is going to fully set those microfibers and allow for top-end performance to take place so again before you want to take it out into a game, you will want to get those swings on the bat in order to allow yourself to get the best results at the plate.

    Now going around the model over the bat, it incorporates a new Louisville Slugger pro comfort grip that stays in place to allow you better control and a better experience at the plate.

    Furthermore, it has got the VCX technology that allows independent movement between the barrel and the handle allowing that to work in unison like a machine and start to help you get better results on the field.

    Also, this VCX technology is going to control the vibration and cause a more unique feel on contact that is going to be smoother and more comfortable each time you take the plate.

    4. Axe Avenge HyperWhip -11 Youth Baseball Bat

    The new 2022 Axe Avenge is a -11 USA-approved T-ball bat so, with this model, they are utilizing a 2 ¼” inch barrel that allows it to be a very balanced model offering you excellent control of the bat to the ball.

    What also is going to help with that is its Axe handle and if you are not familiar with Axe bats, they come with this model with an ergonomic handle that allows you to pick up the bat consistently every time.

    Moreover, aligning your hands perpendicular to your shoulders, it allows you better control over the bat and requires less energy to get the bat comfortably to the ball.

    The Axe Avenge features one-piece alloy construction to achieve more durability and comfort zone. It also features beautiful gold and black texture on it.

    Lastly, this bat comes with an end cap that balances out the profile of the bat a little bit better providing more control of the bat. As the seller is offering 30 day money-back guarantee so why not give it a try?

    5. Adidas AeroBurner Comp (AERO19CSL) Baseball Bat

    Adidas AeroBurner Comp (AERO19CSL) Bat

    The new Adidas AeroBurner Comp is the USA-approved multi-piece fully composite bat. Now with this being a multi-composite piece bat, it is going to be extremely comfortable in contact.

    The microfibers of the composite material break down those vibrations really well plus you have a connection point and composite handle that is getting aligns with you to comfortably swing your bat through the zone on contact.

    This is going to feel rather balanced considering it has a giant barrel. It is a pretty novel that still remains balanced. This can be a two and three-quarter-inch barrel diameter and the length of the barrel is extremely large.

    What we like about this model is that Adidas allows you a 30-day trial period so you are going to be able to actually take this bat and it is a performance guarantee. You are going to take this bat hit soft toss, hit the cages and even potentially hit games with it.

    If you still are not satisfied within the first 30 days, they will be able to return it back for a full refund or exchange.

    Easton Ghost X Evolution -10 USSSA Baseball Bat

    6. SSK Professional Grade JB9 Wood Youth Bat

    SSK Professional Grade JB9 Wood Youth Bat

    The new SSK Maple wood is a -5 length-to-weight ratio youth baseball bat so it is intended for use by younger players looking to get their hands on a one-piece wood bat.

    This one-piece wood bat is approved for all USA play across the country and should provide an excellent option for those of you looking for an alternative to USA aluminum bat.

    The SSK Jb3 bat does have a cupped end that provides a balanced swing weight for your player to optimize the control they have of the bat through the zone.

    Furthermore, with this bat, you are going to notice the MLB-approved ink dot and the traditional knob on it which allows for a seamless transition from a traditional aluminum bat to a wood model.

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    There you have our top 6 best youth baseball bats of 2022. We hope you found the bat that you were looking for. If you are also interested in BBCOR bats, check out our best picks for BBCOR baseball bats.