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10 Best Golf Cart Phone Holders & Tripods Review 2023

    Getting the golf cart phone holders can make all the difference when you’re trying to record the perfect swing. This is especially true if you want to take a picture using your mobile device.

    With the help of a quality golf tripod and phone holder, you can make sure that your camera is steady and in the correct position while also making it easier to capture shots. Take a look at some of the most popular models that are currently available on the market at fair prices.

    Best Golf Cart Phone Holders

    1. Tackform Enduro Golf Cart Mount

    Tackform Enduro Golf Cart Mount

    There is a good chance that the Tackform phone mount will turn out to be the most feature-packed golf cart accessory that you will ever own. You are going to be blown away by everything about this device, from the ball and socket joint to the swivel mechanism to the all-metal construction.

    Because of its sturdy design and unmatched durability, you can relax knowing that your phone will be protected while it is safely tucked in the saddle. It may also be equipped with an optional GPS kit in addition to the phone holder.

    As it allows you to use your preferred golf GPS app while you are in the midst of a game of golf, this is an item that every enthusiastic golfer should have in their collection. Additionally, thanks to the ultra-cool magnetic mounting kit, installing and removing the gadget couldn’t be simpler.

    It has a swivel function that allows you to adjust your phone’s viewing angle easily. Also, it can accommodate smartphones with a thickness of up to 1.3 millimeters (0.5 inches). And, this mount is backed by a lifetime warranty.

    2. Stripebird Golf Magnetic Phone Holder

    Stripebird Golf Magnetic Phone Holder


    When you’re out on the course, you’ll have quick access to your smartphone because of the original golf phone holder, which is a one-of-a-kind and patented invention. The stability of your phone is ensured by the use of two strong neodymium N52 magnet plates in this device.

    This enables you to snap pictures, record videos, and assess your swing without having to pull your phone out of its pocket at any point throughout the process.

    The holder is suitable for most smartphones that have a display of between 2.5 and 4.5 inches. It has a unique design that facilitates it to be attached to a wide range of different surfaces relatively easily. You can also put it to use on a golf cart, in addition to a bike or a vehicle.

    Additionally, you can attach it to a golf bag or a golf club as well. Now you don’t have to use glue or adhesive, just stick it on. It comes with detailed how-to-install instructions and a high-quality dust bag.

    3. Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

    Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy Holder

    Your preferred mobile device will always be within easy reach with the help of this cutting-edge and user-friendly phone mounting system. It gives you the ability to record audio and video, in addition to letting you see yourself swing and hit golf shots.

    The sturdy exterior of the Desert Fox golf phone holder allows it to be attached to any kind of golf cart. This device is pocket-sized, fully adjustable, and portable; it fits most protective cases as well as the majority of smartphones.

    Moreover, because of its portability, you are able to do many things while the game is in progress. This item is an incredible deal for a gift for anybody on your list, whether they have a passion for golf or just want to stay connected.

    4. ClubRally Golf Cart Phone Holder

    ClubRally Golf Cart Phone Holder

    When looking for a new golf cart phone holder, it’s a good idea to look for one that not only holds your mobile phone but also helps keep it from becoming damaged. This will make your shopping experience much more convenient.

    For this reason, a golf cart phone holder from ClubRally is an excellent option to consider. It’s a gadget with a slick appearance that can be attached to the handlebars, the windshield, or the steering wheel of your golf cart, among other possible attachment points.

    This is meant to be compatible with the majority of mobile phone manufacturers and comes in a basic black color variant. The holder can accommodate phones with a screen size ranging from 4.7 inches to 6.8 inches thanks to its adjustable design.

    5. Dprofy Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Mount

    Dprofy Magnetic Golf Cart Phone Mount

    Any golfer would benefit greatly from having the Dprofy phone holder in their bag. Very well-designed, and it also functions as a GPS. Aluminum is used in the construction of this product, making it very sturdy while maintaining a low overall weight.

    You will also discover that the price of the Dprofy product is far lower than that of other products that are comparable. This little piece of equipment can perform a wide range of functions, from analyzing your golf swing to enhancing your posture.

    The holder offers additional security for your device in the form of two layers as well as a sturdy shelf clip. A wide range of phone sizes and client heights may be handled because of the flexible nature of this accessory.

    6. Fiery Wolf Adjustable Golf Cart Phone Holder

    Fiery Wolf Adjustable Golf Cart Smartphone Mount

    The Fiery Wolf phone mount is an accessory that has a sturdy construction thanks to its composition of stainless steel, ABS, and silica gel. It has a robust clamp that may be attached to the handlebars, thin railings, and any other structures that are present on your golf cart.

    There are also four arms that can be adjusted, giving you the ability to customize the gadget to suit almost any smartphone or electronic media device. The ability to effortlessly adjust your device to a variety of angles is facilitated by a clamp that opens to a range of 45 millimeters.

    7. DACK Golf Cart Phone Holder

    DACK Phone Holder

    Your golf game can be improved, more enjoyable, and more secure with the help of the DACK phone mount, which is available for a low price. You may easily go to the next level of play if your golf cart is equipped with one of the superior phone holders that the industry has to offer.

    This holder provides a safe environment for your phone by way of a rubber-lined cradle and an adjustable mount. It also has a design that rotates like a swivel, which makes it simpler to see your mobile device while allowing you to retain your hands on the steering wheel.

    Installing it’s a breeze, and it only requires a little amount of space overall. The holder is designed with compatibility with all mobile operating systems and devices in mind, making it suitable for usage with iPhones, BlackBerrys, Androids, and Windows Phones, among other options.

    8. Caddie Buddy Steering Wheel Phone Mount/Scorecard Pro

    Caddie Buddy Steering Wheel Phone Mount/Scorecard Pro

    If you play golf a lot, you should know about the Scorecard Pro. This is the name of the phone mount that will keep your smartphone safe as you make your way around the greens. The Scorecard Pro holds your phone securely and lets you use it without moving your arm out of its natural position.

    It’s easy to put together and convenient to use because it has a simple design. Because of this, it’s a great product for golfers who want an easy way to keep track of their calls and text messages.

    9. Roykaw Golf Cart Phone Mount Holder

    Roykaw Golf Cart Phone Mount

    A great way to make it easier to use your phone while you’re out on the golf course. This gadget helps you hold your phone safely and gives you the freedom to use your favorite golf GPS app without taking your hands off the handlebars.

    It’s easy to put together and can be put on almost any surface. Made of materials that can handle heavy use. The Roykaw phone holder is made to fit most Samsung, iPhone, and Google Pixel phones.

    You can also move the mount up or down without affecting how well it fits. This is because it is fully adjustable. You can mount it on the dashboard of your golf cart, on the column that holds the steering wheel of your push cart, or even on the top of your golf cart.

    10. Ampcaddy Phone Holder With Clamp

    Ampcaddy Phone Holder With Clamp

    You can securely attach your smartphone to the backseat of your vehicle or even to the dashboard of your golf cart with the help of this portable phone holder. It’s a small yet sturdy piece of universal gear that may be used with almost any mobile phone.

    This item will fulfill your requirements, regardless of whether you are an avid collector of electronic gizmos or you just love golfing when you are out on the field.


    Summarizing our verdict on choosing the best golf cart phone mounts, an adjustable cell phone holder is something you should look into purchasing if you want to ensure the security of your mobile device while you are out on the golf course.

    While you are out playing, not only will it keep your device contained in one place, but it will also protect you from being distracted by other things. It’s should be simple to set up, made compactly, and has a long lifespan.

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