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3 Best Lacrosse Chin Straps For Helmets Review 2022

    No matter whether you want an adjustable chin strap or one that is one size fits all, there are many different alternatives available to choose from. Some are built with a soft lining and can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of ages and sizes, while others are more rigid. Others are constructed with an exterior layer of hard plastic to provide further durability. If you’re unclear about your chin size, search for the label on the inside or rear of the helmet to help you figure it out. We have listed down the top 3 lacrosse chin straps that you trust.

    Best Lacrosse Chin Straps For Helmets

    1. SportStar Lacrosse SFT Chinstrap

    SportStar Lacrosse SFT Chinstrap

    A faulty lacrosse chinstrap may detract from your game and detract from your team’s performance. Three distinct types of hard-shell protection are available from SportStar, including a soft version that is more pleasant to wear and is available in three different colors. Designed by NASA, the chinstraps include a strong EVA foam core with a NASA-engineered plastic exterior for optimum comfort and protection. For a custom fit, the gel pad in the SFT is detachable and may be repositioned as needed.

    2. CASCADE Lacrosse Chinstraps

    CASCADE Lacrosse Chin Strap

    This is a typical 4-point chin strap for lacrosse players of all levels. It’s compatible with the majority of Cascade and other brands of helmets. Certainly, it’s a fantastic alternative for those looking for the best protective helmet money can buy, thanks to its custom fit construction and customizable sizing.

    3. RX Lacrosse Chin Straps

    RX Lacrosse Chin Strap

    This low-profile RX Lacrosse chinstrap provides the necessary protection without getting in the way of your gameplay. Hardcup protective outer shell with moisture-wicking foam inner for further protection. The XS Extra Small is designed specifically for young athletes weighing less than 80 pounds. XS Buckles have a plastic coating on the outside and a stainless socket and ring on the inside for a solid connection.

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