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5 Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants Review

    As we all know, lacrosse goalies need more protection for the groin and thighs than other protective sports gear. Luckily, there are a number of well-known companies that make top-notch lacrosse goalie pants. So keep reading to choose the right pair for your needs. After all, there’s nothing more important to a goalie than his or her safety and comfort.

    Best Lacrosse Goalie Pants

    1. STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants

    STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants

    The pants are as comfortable as they can be because they have breathable, multi-zoned, layered padding. Their patented Hex Pad technology gives you extra padding to help absorb shocks and keep you comfortable during extreme lacrosse games. The legs also have extra padding made of an elastic material that helps move air and get rid of moisture. Additionally, these lacrosse goalie pants also have a waistband with pull tabs that keep the pants from slipping.

    2. Brine Ventilator Lacrosse Goalies Pant

    Brine Ventilator Lacrosse Goalies Pant

    These pants are good in every way for a goalie. Made of a high quality synthetic material and have an elastic design that lets them stretch. Water or stains certainly won’t hurt this material. Their high density design keeps private parts safe and makes them easy to wash. This pair of lightweight goalie pants is padded enough and fits as expected. The pants don’t make it hard to move, and many goalies say it’s easy to block shots off their legs. These pants are also worn by a lot of young goalies. You don’t need to look any further if you want a great pair of pants.

    3. STX Lacrosse Youth Padded LamiPants

    STX Lacrosse Youth Padded Goalie Pants

    These youth goalie pants for lacrosse have several layers of padding to protect the goalie’s private parts. These pants are also made of a material that helps to get rid of sweat, and the thighs and hips are padded with extra elastic. They have a unique design that makes it easy to put the protective cups on without limiting movement. The pants are also comfortable and will not interfere with the game.

    4. WARRIOR Burn Lacrosse Leg Pad Goalie Pants

    WARRIOR Burn Lacrosse Leg Pad Goalie Pants

    The WARRIOR Burn goalie pants are a great way for lacrosse goalies to stay safe. They fit well and look good, and the Wartech compression liner pulls moisture away from the body. Their design provide a flexible fit that enhances agility and speed and prevents injuries. Also, they are made of a skin-friendly material that allows them to stretch with your body’s natural movement.

    5. STX Deluxe Padded Lacrosse Goalie Pants

    STX Deluxe Padded Lacrosse Goalkeeper Pant

    The STX Deluxe goalkeeper pants have different zones, a full mesh body, and materials that pull moisture away from the body. They also have a floating pad system for protection and waist pull tabs to make them easy to put on and take off. With a price of less than $80, these goalie pants are a great deal. The STX Deluxe Goalie Pants are not only comfortable and have the features listed above, but they are also light and durable, making them the best choice for a new lacrosse player.

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