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5 Best Lacrosse Jockstraps & Cups For Players And Goalies

    If you don’t know what to look for, it can be hard to find a good pair of lacrosse jockstraps. These safety gears are an important part of the game and can be worn every day or for more intense activities. In this guide, we took a quick look at the top 5 best lacrosse jockstraps on the market right now. Each of them is pretty durable, built for long-lasting performance, and reasonably priced. So whatever you choose, you will never regret your buying decision.

    Best Lacrosse Jockstraps

    1. Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Carbon Lacrosse Cup

    Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Carbon Lacrosse Cup

    The Shock Doctor Ultra Pro carbon jock Cup is made from premium materials to deliver unsurpassed protection during an intense lacrosse game. Its multi-layer construction transfers shock away from critical areas while dispersing it throughout the entire cup. Its unique flex curve design conforms to your body, ensuring an unrestricted range of motion. For ultimate protection and comfort, it is recommended for athletes of all levels.

    2. Warrior Goalie Nutt Hutt Lacrosse Jockstrap

    Warrior Goalie Nutt Hutt Tool Box

    The Warrior Nutt-Hutt toolbox is the best choice if you want to protect your goalie in the best possible way. It has high-impact ABS plastic cups and a material that lets air pass through. Also, it’s made in a way that gives you the most comfort. With the elastic waist straps, it’s easy to change the size of the box to fit the shape of your goalie.

    3. McDavid Flexcup Lacrosse Protective Cup

    McDavid Flexcup Lacrosse Protective Cup

    This lacrosse protection cup is designed to be more comfortable and give the best protection from impact. The cup has five airflow ports around the circumference and a deep, curved shape for the ideal fit and protection when you are playing or practicing lacrosse. The lightweight design lets the players move around without feeling like the cup is holding them back. It weighs just 2.5 oz.

    4. Meister Carbon Flex Lacrosse Groin Protector Cup

    Meister Carbon Flex Groin Protector Cup

    For any fast-paced sport, a groin protector is a must-have piece of equipment. Lacrosse balls can go up to 100 mph, so it’s important to wear the right gear. The Meister Carbon Flex cup features an integrated soft gel perimeter and is made with superior cooling ventilation, which helps keep your groin dry. This protective cup will give you a lot of comfort and keep you safe. And it’s great for youth and sports at the high school and college level.

    5. Venum Challenger Lacrosse Groinguard Jockstrap

    Venum Challenger Lacrosse Groinguard Jockstrap

    The Venum Challenger has a double-layer shock absorber and a rubber gel shield to absorb shock and protect the groin during high-pressure lacrosse games. It protects the area around the groin from a variety of blows and lets a lot of air in. This is easy to wear and take off. Equally ideal for men and women whether they are occasional or professional lacrosse players.

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