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Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves Review 2022

    The Maverick Rome lacrosse gloves are intense and built on Maverick’s anatomical Speedfit profiles so it is going to be really close to the hand and try to maximize the freedom of movement in the hand so gives you a ton of stick feedback.

    Maverik Rome Lacrosse Gloves

    This glove has a lot of cool features. One thing right off the bat, there are huge vents across the back of gloves that is the flow cool venting system across the back of the hand that helps get the heat out of the glove and get the cool air in the glove. On top of that, the whole thing is lined with their quick-dry liner which really helps with the moisture away and it keeps you nice, cool, and dry.

    They use a magnet instead of Velcro in the cuff that is pretty snazzy and in case you want this removed from gloves, Maverick allows you to remove it. It is completely removable and gives you a ton of customization in the glove especially when you are talking about wrist mobility and a little bit of added protection with its sub cuff.

    Inside the glove, they feature their Poron XRD Palm technology which is really good as far as giving you a little bit of added stretch, they have added a small gusset with some spandex to help the base of your palm and then on the tips of the fingers that is the trigger fingers (thumb, index finger, and middle finger) which is also going to help give you a lot of control especially when it comes to those quick wrist movements.

    The Maverick Rome lacrosse gloves are available in black, grey, and white colors. This is a very clean glove but on the field, this thing is fantastic that offers tons of protection. Also, check out the best Nike running shoes.