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Most Responsive Running Shoes In 2022 – Brief Comparison of 3 Different Brand’s Shoes

    Most Responsive Running Shoes – In this guide, we are going to look at a couple of new trainers on the market that all have one thing in common and that is a highly responsive midsole design.

    Every company is doing it and every shoe has it. Let’s break down which shoes are the king of being responsive and having that bouncy ride that we all love. Also, worth checking out the best-cushioned running shoes.

    Most Responsive Running Shoes

    Best Responsive Running Shoes

    3. Brooks Levitate 2 Shoe

    Brooks Levitate 2 Running Shoes

    First, we will discuss Brooks Levitate 2. Now this is not a super exciting update from its previous model and still has the same tooling that the full-length DNA and midsole runs through super responsive shoe but it weighs a little heavy.

    It had that 11.3-ounce range as you know for a daily trainer, it is a little heavy but at the same time, once you get it on foot, it does not feel nearly as bulky as you would expect. We have been using this for daily training, long runs, and recovery runs, and it does a great job.

    Overall, the Brooks Levitate is a good shoe for longer runs. It has got that extra comfort and cushion. As we said, it is a little bulkier and heavier but once you get going, you will not face any issues. It is more durable and you will feel good to have this pair of shoes on your foot.

    2. Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Responsive Shoes

    Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Responsive Running Shoes

    The Saucony Freedom ISO 2 has got that full-length ever-run midsole. It has also got that contoured design that makes this shoe a little more inherently stable and a little more cushion underfoot. This is going to be a versatile shoe that is perfect for workouts. It can be also a pretty good trainer for your daily runs. It is just a solid shoe.

    It is super fast, it has a good cushion to relieve the foot. This is responsive and good for fast days as well. The fit spot-on the toe box is widened up just a little bit but the midfoot wrap keeps secure and the heel is not as flimsy as last year so they fixed that issue this year.

    1. New Balance Fuelcell Impulse Running Shoes

    New Balance Fuelcell Impulse Resposive Running Shoe

    This New Balance Fuelcell Impulse shoe is the fastest and most responsive of the group. This new one is lighter, it is sleeker, and this is going to be your performance workout day shoe. Its TPU midsole right in the forefoot gives a nice responsive toe-off. This is our favorite shoe in the group.

    It feels good on the foot, it is responsive and it is definitely the fastest shoe out of the group. In our case, it would not quite be our daily trainer but it will definitely be a shoe that we will wear on our fast days.


    In our opinion, these were the top 3 most responsive running shoes available on the market so far in 2022. The New Balance Fuelcell Impulse shoe is the winner of the contest. Let us in the comment section below what you have your thoughts on these responsive running shoes.